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Papaphilia – À L’état Brut HE012

“À L’état Brut” prioritises the negative and the adverse, but represents it without overcoming. It’s a slow acid sting that drags the pavement on to the dance floor, blurring the blissed-out in to a slurry of psychedelia in a mode reminiscent of futuristic escapism. In a grander horizon of post-tipping point dystopia, cultural detritus is […]

O.K sweetheart – Cuticles HE011

O.K sweetheart we’re going on a little trip to the merri if you stop biting your nails and start enjoying yourself and your heart feels like a little pinwheel in its broth and if your head is pushed into the window of the 8 and a stranger comes up to check if you’re okay because you […]

Participant – Flowers HE010

“People with fresh flowers in their homes are more likely to feel relaxed, less anxious and more empathetic towards others.” Flowers by Participant

Crescent – Ride With Me HE009

Melbourne-based producer Crescent layers elements of low-fi hip hop and footwork with warped, pulsing synths to create a meditative electronic soundtrack for vehicle interiors. “Ride With Me” is Crescent’s second release, following on from a debut on This Thing.

Splendid Friends – White Medicine HE004

Captured from a dusty old cassette engraved with the words “White Medicine,” this release serves as the post-humous follow up to Splendid Friends’ Black Drugs. Recorded circa 2010 in two live takes, White Medicine documents some of the duo’s most compelling psychonautic adventures.

Mundaring Weird – Rush/Push HE003

Old material from Mundaring Weird, who have been previously described as “weirdo, ethereal, dark psalms from the deepest realms of the fifth continent.” Mundaring Weird’s portfolio consists of a collection of lo-fi bedroom recordings, incorporating repetitive loops, eerie, amorphous vocals and an expansively screwy and drugged out atmosphere.

Nirvana – Marines HE002

Like a broad smear of Vaseline on a lens, or a fly in the ointment, Nirvana maps a terrain of lo-fi anarchist footwork from an Australian perspective. Tropes of dance music are muddied by static and clipping, intertwining on the wisps of cyclonic winds. Stifled by the heat, La Nina, and high pressure regions of […]

David West – Drop Out of Collage HE001

‘Drop out of Collage’ is a kaleidoscopic tour through the mental and physical hard drive of David West (known from projects such as Lace Curtain, Rat Columns, Rank Xerox, Burning Sensation, Total Control and others). A melange of recordings dating as far back as 1998 and as far forward as the present.