Tom Rogers at INTO THE VOID (Perth)

Label darling Tom Rogers is showing works in a joint exhibition with Kalem Bruce at INTO THE VOID this Saturday in Perth. This is the first instalment in a large body of work by the two artists, running as part of Public 2015.

Saturday, April 18 at 6:00pm
Dream Studios, 369 Oxford Street, Perth WA 6016

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About the exhibition

“This project will see the entire courtyard and back wall of the iconic Dream Studios in Mount Hawthorn painted by artists Kalem Bruce and Tom Rogers. Into The Void is an extract from a larger narrative work, Cult Minds (working title), which will be undertaken over the next few years. The planned series of works will explore the conceptual space that exists between the intrinsic desire to belong and the ever-growing understanding of science and the Universe, as well as the sense of interconnectedness between humans and the natural world.

This artwork addresses one’s urge to look to the stars for existential answers and as a means for escaping the realities of the world we have created for ourselves.

The Universe is the largest concept of existence that we can comprehend whilst the science of atoms and molecules explains the physical world at the smallest scale conceivable. These two polar notions are in fact not unrelated and are becoming more intertwined as the incomplete science behind these principles continues to be explored. Into the Void communicates the broader concepts of Cult Minds by exploring the theory that everything is made of the same material and that we can be broken down and put back together in another form, in another place.

The artwork will draw the viewer into a world where objects have broken out of their worldly vessels, disintegrating into tiny atoms of matter that are being dispersed by the solar winds and sucked into a void. The narrative of the artwork will begin on the back wall of the building, which acts as the main entrance to Dream Studios. Giving the viewer an idea of what will be found inside; the entrance will draw the viewer into the courtyard to be engulfed by a massive 360-degree artwork that will cover the walls and floor of the space. Literally stepping into the centre of Into the Void, viewers will be prompted to consider our existence as individuals and as a species by the strong visual representations of the micro- (atoms) and macro- (space) world.”